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Vr Photography by Scott Highton


8.5" x 11" format
320 pages with over 300 illustrations
full color throughout

ISBN: 978-0-615-34223-8

$44.95 + S&H


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"’s a book that not only addresses every conceivable creative or technical question about VR photography, it will undoubtedly encourage other photographers to consider adding this service to their studio.

"In every sense of the word, this is the bible of VR photography, and its 24 chapters and 300-plus pages are packed with a smorgasbord of information ranging from the basics of photography, to highly technical and complex projects, applications of VR photography and marketing and business practices. Brilliant examples of VR photography, case studies, diagrams and other illustrations explain and enhance the techniques Highton has mastered during his 30-year career as a photographer and cinematographer.

Peter Skinner – Rangefinder Magazine (April, 2011) Link PDF

"Scott Highton's (Virtual Reality Photography) book... is incredible! It is beautifully produced, profusely illustrated, and eloquently written by arguably the most influential expert in the field of Virtual Reality Photography...

"Scott has left no stone unturned in documenting every aspect of the art and intricacies of producing high quality VR output, including photographic gear, hardware and software tools, relevant 'Case Studies' and advanced pano and object techniques... The 'Business Practices' section of the book alone is well worth the price...

"This is, without a doubt, the definitive compendium on VR Photography, written by the guy who has been there from the beginning. If you are a new to VR, a professional photographer looking to expand into new markets, or a die-hard VR professional, this is a book that you will want to have in your library."

Doug DeRusha – Apple QTVR Mail List Link

"Highton has produced the definitive book on VR photography. Not only does he explain the principles behind the different types of VR photographs, but he goes into further detail explaining the nuances of creating the images, from the planning stage through to completion...

"The business practices section is a great addition to the book, especially for photographers who have never had to quote or shoot VR photographs in their career before... If you’re just getting into this type of photography, the business section alone is a must read."

Diane Berkenfeld – Picture Soup Blog Link PDF

"This book is very well written and presents an insider's perspective on the essential aspects of VR photography. For the beginner, or one aspiring to make a living at panoramic photography, this book is a good introduction. Even for those of us presently engaged in some phase of panoramic photography, part or full time, the book contains a wealth of information which should prove helpful in furthering our careers."

Dave Orbock – IAPP JournalPDF

"In his new book, Virtual Reality Photography – Creating Panoramic and Object Images, Scott shares his extensive knowledge about every aspect of successful panoramic and object VR photography in 24 detailed chapters."

Fred Shippey – Photokina 2010 Show Daily – Link PDF

Manfrotto in Scott Highton's Great New Book: Virtual Reality Photography

"Scott Highton, one of the most experienced Quick Time Virtual Reality photographers in the United States, has written a book detailing the many aspects of panoramic and object virtual reality (VR) photography. This great book, Virtual Reality Photography: Creating Panoramic and Object Images, gives tips on both the artistic and technical techniques needed to make great images."

Manfrotto News & Events – Sept. 29. 2010Link Link2