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What's New: June, 2016

What's it like to experience VR? See for yourself with the following examples (can be viewed on most computers, tablets, or smart phones):

Tour the Hiller Aviation Museum - sit in aircraft cockpits, learn about the aircraft on display, and even walk through a Boeing 747 and a classic amphibious Grumman Albatross.

Soar Above San Carlos, CA on a low-level aerial virtual tour.

Explore first class accomodations of a deluxe Garden Suite aboard a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise ship.

Stand on the edge of Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park, the tallest waterfall in North America. Peer over the precipice at the dizzying vertical drop almost 2,500 feet below.

Visit the eerie Sedlec Ossuary, a cistercian monastery in the Czech Republic, or experience the beauty of the Danube River at sunset, as it flows through the center of Budapest, Hungary.

Consider a new perspective on The Future of VR - Is This All There Is? Observations and commentary by Virtual Reality Photography author Scott Highton (July, 2015). Read it here.

An in-depth look at production concerns and techniques for 360° video, also known as cinematic VR, has been posted by Scott Highton (January, 2015).

The 360° Video Conundrum – Cinematic VR Considerations can be read here.

Aerial photography via the use of small quadcopters (or UAV / UAS or "drones") has become all the rage lately. However, forthcoming regulations from the FAA have the potential to prohibit the use of these drones for commercial purposes by all but licensed pilots.

To see an example of how aerial 360° VR panoramas, shot primarily with GoPro cameras mounted on DJI Phantom quadcopters, can be used to benefit a small Northern California community, see the Above San Carlos web pages.

Virtual Reality Photography, the acclaimed book by Scott Highton, is now also available through B&H Photo & Video, the world's leading retailer of imaging products. To order through B&H: click here.

We have recently posted an in-depth review of the Nikon D800 (and D800e) camera from the perspective of panoramic VR photographers. Read the detailed review here.

The IVRPA has posted an hour-long online video of Scott Highton's lecture on VR Photography Business Practices from the International Panoramic Photography Conference in New York. Those who missed it can watch the complete video free here. (Note: be patient with the large download).

Scott Highton also recently presented a free online webinar about VR Object Photography for Manfrotto's acclaimed online School for Xcellence. A recorded version can be seen with (free) online registration. Click here.

The Manfrotto School for Xcellence has also published an interview with Scott on its web site. See it here.

VR Photography's two acclaimed calculators are updated and now available in both Mac OS X and Windows versions.

Our Photo Fees Calculator (free) walks you step by step through the process of determining the fees you should charge based on the needs your individual business. (Note that this OSX Mac application currently only works on older PowerPC Systems. An update for Intel Macs may be available in the near future.)

The second edition of our popular VR Photography Slate Book is still available. The latest version expands on the original with the addition of a large object photography technique description and tear out Photo and Property Release forms. For a full description, and to purchase online, click here.

Check your VR photography knowledge with a fun online test. Inspired by queries from the International Virtual Reality Photographers Association (IVRPA) web forum, we are pleased to present a 20 question challenge. How well can you do? Click here to give it a try.

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Now includes Photo and Property Release forms.

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VR Photography Business Practices

Scott Highton's lecture on VR Photography Business Practices from the International Panoramic Photography Conference in New York (June, 2012) has now been posted online by the IVRPA, and is available for free public viewing. Click here to view.

Google PhotoTech Lecture Video

Scott Highton presented a lecture on Panoramic VR Photography at Google's corporate headquarters in October, 2007. The lecture was a part of Google's ongoing PhotoTech lecture series. The talk was recorded and is available for free public viewing online. Click here to view.

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